Shipping Zones Explained

Shipping Areas

Creating Zones

You can create delivery areas by drawing directly on Google Maps. That gives you the opportunity to be so precise that you can serve one side of the street, while the other one is outside your service area if needed. Of course that’s an extreme edge case, just to give you an example of what can be achieved with stora.

Shop Radius Zones

There is no limit in the number of the zones, so you can create as many as you wish inside a city, country or the entire world. Zones can even overlap and your customers will always be charged by the lowest cost for their specific area. You can also set your zones as radius from the store location instead of drawing them.

Check User’s Location

You can check if user’s location falls within your service area (shop radius or map based) before you allow them to make an order. This greatly reduces user’s confusion whether they can be served or not. When the users select delivery address (either manually or geolocated by Google) you can show them only branches serving their address or allow them to choose pickup location.

If using the products per branch functionality, after confirming their location your users will only see products from the selected branch.

Custom Shipping Methods

Custom Shipping Method Settings
Restrict for Area

You can allow a Stora shipping method to be available only in selected custom area.

Restrict for Branch

You can allow a Stora shipping method to be available only for selected branches.

Restrict by Order Amount

You can set a minimum order amount before a Stora shipping method is available.

Shipping Rates

Flat Rate

You can set a flat shipping rate for certain zone or branch. It could also be used for free shipping, as it offers the possibility to set minimum order amount. For example, you can set free shipping in the near store area.

Driving Distance

Depending on your business model, you can charge for delivery driving distance. The plugin allows you to set it in miles or kilometers and Google will automatically calculate the best route and distance.


There is an option to set combined shipping rates based on a flat rate + price per driving distance. Useful when the flat rate can’t cover the delivery costs (e.g. paid roads and bridges), so you should charge more.

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