Order Hours

Store Currently Closed for Orders

This feature allows you to set working hours for your store and limit orders outside the working time. You can set the order hours for each day of the week, set holidays, display a message with countdown (optional) when the store is closed and override the currently set options if for some reason you need to quickly change the status without losing your standard schedule.

Set Order Hours and Holidays
Branch Order Hours

The Order Hours can be set globally for the entire site, but you can also overwrite them for each Branch. You can set different working time for your stores, override current status and open or close just certain branches, set holidays per branch etc.

Order Date / Time Integration

The Order Hours functionality is closely tied to the Orders Date and Time picker. The dates and time slots in the picker will be synchronized with the store actual working time, days off, holidays etc. You can also overridethe number of days ahead setting and slot duration per branch.

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