What is a Multi-branch?

With the Stora Multi-Branch feature you can run multiple shops/locations under single WooCommerce shop. This feature could be extremely helpful when you run a chain with multiple locations either in a single city, entire country or worldwide. The most common application would be a restaurant / food delivery business, or any other business with multiple locations and strict delivery zones.

Stora Branch Settings
Branch Products

For each WooCommerce product you can set where it is available. Can be a single store or in every branch, so you can sell different products in different stores.

Branch Order Hours

Each branch can have it’s own business hours, so you can easily limit when orders can be made on per branch basis. If not set per branch, the general order hours will apply.

Branch Manager

You can assign user with Shop Manager or Administrator role as a branch manager. Managers will see orders and get New Order Push Notifications for their branch only.

Branch Area

You can set single or multiple different shipping areas served by each branch. They can be either custom zones you drew on map, a radius from the shop or even both.

Branch Shipping Rates

Each branch can have it’s own shipping methods and rates, so you can manage your shipping costs effectively depending on the store location and products.

Branch Date/Time slots

You can set different Estimated Delivery Time and custom rules for Delivery Date and Time picker for each branch and even set it optional or required on per branch basis.

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